Dreading The Cold Winters? This Rocket Mass Heater Will Keep You Warn And Toasty…

If you live in an area that gets really cold in the winter, you will probably be thinking of how you will heat your home, and the most energy efficient and cost effective way to do it. I Dream Of A Rocket Mass Heater This Winter and this awesome article from the ever inspiring and informative, Off Grid Quest, shows us many different Rocket heaters that people have built around the world. Heating our homes and keeping ourselves warm in the winter is something that people have had to think about since the beginning of time. The result of not being warm enough could be deadly. You can get hypothermia if your body temperature drops below a certain temperature, and nothing is worse than being cold and trying to warm up.

Most ways to heat our homes, can be pretty expensive, like if you use electricity to heat your home, it can get very costly. The radiators that run off of electricity are energy drainers and can make your electrical bill skyrocket in the colder months. Then there is gas heating, which is less expensive, but still costs money. There are more efficient ways like using these kinds of rocket heaters. Rocket heaters can have your house heated for three or four days, just off of the residual heat that is built up from the heater. How awesome is that?!

These types of heaters are seen in earth built cob homes a lot, and which is what you will see in this post in the photos. There are a variety of ways to make a rocket heater as you will see. But mostly a rocket heater is where you make a very insulated chamber where you can add in wood or twigs as the fuel, and then the wood is burned at such a high temperature and the well insulated chamber, absorbs the heat, making it last a very long time, as it will then be able to radiate off of it for hours or days! This is a very high efficiency type of heater, which would cost you next to nothing to make, and then next to nothing to run, if you were just finding wood around your area.

This type of technology has been used for a very long time all over the world, and as we are wanting to become less reliant on fossil fuels, we are turning more to different ways of heating our homes, like this one. The Rocket heaters can look like a wood burning stove sometimes, like the kind you can cook pizzas in, or it can look like a normal, modern fire place with a door on it, but the body is made up of earth materials. This is a wonderful way to go if you are looking to become more self sustainable, or if you want to save some money. Especially if you want to go off grid! There are so many beautiful ones that you will see in this awesome compilation of rocket stoves and heaters. Some are brightly painted, while others are very simple and natural looking. It just depends on the style you prefer!

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