How to Transform Your Floors With Brown Paper Bags. (This Is Incredible!)

Flooring can be expensive, especially hardwood flooring or bamboo flooring. Carpet is an affordable option but it also comes with a lot of work to keep it looking great, and it tends to harbour a lot of dust and allergens. The other option is to go with linoleum flooring which is also very inexpensive but it doesn't always look the best, and it can tend to feel a bit cheap. Not, there are all of these awesome diy ideas popping up teaching us how to create beautiful floors on the cheap. Alicia shared her affordable flooring diy ideas on Hometalk and even shows us how to do it ourselves in our own homes. Interestingly enough, she used brown paper to create a very unique and beautiful floor cover for her home office space. She chose brown paper because it's so inexpensive and it looks really cool too. Plus, when they are ready to install hardwood overtop of it, they can easily do so. So if you're looking for a budget-friendly floor cover for an area of your home, this is one of the do it yourself home projects that won't break the bank.

So first of all, you need your brown paper. Use the brown paper on the rolls. Alicia used Kraft paper and used 3 whole rolls and a quarter of the 4th roll. The weight of this paper was perfect, and it won't have the seams like a paper bag would. But if you wanted to do a paper bag floor you could, and it would be a great way to recycle any paper bags you have collected from grocery stores and other shops. You also need to remove any carpet, padding and tacking strips from your floor and then clean it really well. Once your floor is clean, you can start glueing the paper on. Start ripping the brown paper into pieces and try to make them under 8 inches by 8 inches. Then, to get that textured look, crumple the paper up and then open it up to smooth out any wrinkles. For the glue, simply mix one part classic white liquid glue with one part water. Put the glue in a container and spread it on the floor using a large brush. Lay the paper on the glue and put another layer of glue on top while smoothing it out. Overlap the paper on top of each other and make sure that you apply it under your baseboards too. You can also use a roller if you like.

Even though the floor might appear lumpy at this point, just know that it will dry flatter. Once the glue is completely dry, you will stain the floor using regular wood stain and a small roller. Once the stain is dry, you'll seal it with polyurethane. A good tip is to only pull the brush toward you when applying the sealant, if you push it back and forth you'll just create bubbles. Let that coat dry and apply another coat. You can do as many coats as you like, Alicia was happy with two coats. Then once it's dry, you can move all the furniture back into your room and admire the results. This is such a cool do it yourself home project, perfect for an office or shop flooring idea. The great thing about it is that it's so affordable. In comparison to Alicia's bamboo flooring that cost $3,000 this brown paper flooring only cost her $65. What an incredible savings and such a unique flooring idea. Would you do this in a room of your home?***

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