Now you can buy a tiny house on Amazon for $46,900

Are you considering making the switch to small house living? Or maybe you just want to build a tiny vacation home for yourself and your family. Instead of building your tiny house or cabin from scratc ... read more

Author's Elegant Tiny House Doubles as Writing Studio and Library

The Cornelia tiny house building is a writing studio, library and guesthouse that was commissioned by international bestselling author Cornelia Funke. The Cornelia is simple yet elegant, enduring yet ... read more

This Custom Built Tiny House Is Big on Interior Design

One look inside this custom built tiny house on wheels, and you are sure to fall in love. The Coastal Craftsman is a tiny house on wheels that has too many features to list. Some of the exterior featu ... read more

Futuristic Classrooms Built In China

The Lushan Primary School was designed Zaha Hadid Architects. The architectural design is located on a peninsula and will be elevated five meters above the 50-year flood level. The school has a natura ... read more

The New Futuristic 3D-printed house was built by a portable robot in just 48 hours

These days it seems there are a lot of 3D-printed home designs popping, but this new 3D home is the first time that an architect with the renown of Massimiliano Locatelli of CLS Architetti and Arup ha ... read more

Peaceful Beautiful Studio Built With Reclaimed Wood

The Cornelia is a tiny house design that has high vaulted ceilings which help to provide the tiny house building with plenty of vertical space. The tiny house design has abundant windows that provide ... read more

Transforming Off the Grid Trailer

Love camping but not into tenting it? This sweet little camper might be perfect for you. This mini house on wheels comes from Rent Off The Grid, and it's one of their Off The Grid Rentals known as the ... read more

21 Tips For Quitting Your Job, Going Off Grid and Living The Dream

If you've ever wanted to be free of the stresses of city life, and considered living in an off-grid life, there are things you can do to bring you closer to your dream way of life. An off-grid life se ... read more

Take a Look Inside This 160-Square-Foot Home

Check out Brittany Yunker's charming 160 square foot tiny house on wheels parked in Puget Sound in Olympia, Washington. If you're considering building your own tiny house on wheels, Brittany will be a ... read more

Little House On The Prarie Is Off Grid

If a life close to nature is something you've been dreaming about, it might be closer than you think. The Arado Weehouse was the dream of a concert violinist who wanted a beautiful and well-built wood ... read more

Charming Gingerbread Tiny Houses

Are you interested in small house living? Maybe you'd even like to live in a small house of your own someday. House hunting can be quite frustrating these days as house prices are at an all-time high, ... read more

Matchbox Is So Cute Tiny Off Grid House

The Matchbox cabin building is a good example of a simple space that can be used for an off-grid life and small house living. The Matchbox tiny cabin building shows that you can still have style in a ... read more

Adorable Tiny Backyard House Built From Recycled Barnboards

Be prepared to be inspired after you take a look at this rustic backyard tiny house building. The idea for this wood cabin was very clever and simple. The backyard is a place to spend time in, relax a ... read more

Countryside Hideaway in a Tiny Hut

Small houses not only make great homes, but they also make great cottages and rental accommodations if you're travelling. Here's a great small house at The Shepards Hut Retreat in Somerset in the Unit ... read more

Tiny Wooden Cabin and Boathouse Offers a Tranquil Retreat

Tiny houses have charmed so many people which is why many people are building tiny homes of their own. Some of these people will live in their tiny houses full-time, or they might just build their tin ... read more

Colourful Cheerful 260 Square Feet Cottage

You will want to take a look inside this charming small cottage home located in Northern California. The tiny house building is just 260-square-feet, and the small cottage homes bright and colorful de ... read more

Luxury Farmhouse on Wheels

You wouldn't know by looking at its exterior, but this little farmhouse offers up as much function as its full-scale counterparts. This tiny house on wheels is available from Tiny Heirloom Tiny Homes ... read more

Serene Tiny House in Rural Area

Here's a cute tiny house parked out in rural Sebastopol, California. The owner, Alek built the entire tiny house himself on weekends and evenings with a bit of building knowledge and help from YouTube ... read more

Adorable Tiny House on Wheels

The Tiny Project is one man's way of embracing a simpler life for himself and his partner. Alek Lisefski wanted to live within his means so he and his partner could pay off all of their debts by the t ... read more

Beautiful Bohemian Inspired Prairie Wagon

You won't want to miss taking a look at this lovely small home accommodation near Mawgan Porth in Cornwall, UK. The tiny house is a perfect example of what small house living could be like. The home r ... read more

Tiny House on Wheels Made of Recycled Materials

The Skyline tiny house on wheels has so much rustic appeal you are sure to love. The Skyline tiny house on wheels is just one of the tiny house buildings at the Tiny House Hotel located in Portland, O ... read more

Blissful Studio Retreat in the Woods

Whether you dream of living in a tiny house one day or you're just looking for design ideas, tiny houses are a great inspiration. Small house living has become very popular as an alternative housing o ... read more

Amazing Tiny Ski Logde on Wheels

This inspiring couple, Molly Baker and Zack Giffin created this amazing tiny ski lodge on wheels for themselves to not only provide a place to live but also to support their love of skiing. They pitch ... read more

Charming Historic Tiny Cottaage

In the past several years, small houses have been getting a lot of attention, and more people are considering making the transition into small house living. While small houses have been lived in for c ... read more

Rolling Luxury 400 Square Foot Cabin

The Wedge is a tiny house building that combines a rustic feel with sustainable, built-to-last durability in one design. The tiny wood cabin has high ceilings, a steel roof system and trapezoidal wind ... read more

Tiny Off Grid Floating Cabin

Are you into tiny house design and small house living? If you are, you need to see this tiny off-grid floating cabin. The hand-built cabin belongs to Foy and Louisa Brown who wanted to have it as a re ... read more

Big Tiny - Little House Magic

Tiny house building has become extremely popular as of late with people all around the world jumping on the tiny house train. There are many places that already embrace small house living like in Japa ... read more

Turning Nesting Boxes Into Shelves

Looking for some small house design inspiration? This is a great diy solution for storage space from Julie over at Little Farmstead. Julie and her family moved into a farmhouse just outside of the cit ... read more

Creative Way To Transform Chicken Box Nest Into Mudroom Storage

This do it yourself home project takes the most likely of things and turns it into a piece of DIY furniture that will save you space, and leave your house feeling much more organized. Not everyone has ... read more

Extremely Durable 204 Square Foot Dream Bungalow

There has never been a better time to build or buy a tiny house. The last decade has seen an increase in popularity of these sweet small homes, and with that has come some inspiring and innovative tin ... read more
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