No, Its Not Magic! Those Books Arent Really Floating Against The Wall By Themselves!

Being a book lover just clearly shows a proof that you consider history and culture rather than every day TV boring documentaries. Blending your collection of unused books might be a clever method of storing them, and could be a great dcor of your home if it is well-organized. The idea of making an invisible bookshelf can be applied and an a must try project.

To construct an invisible book shelves, you may follow these simple instructions.

1) Pick up an unused hard cover book that youll probably not read again.

2) At the back cover of the book, take out your tape measure and find the halfway point. Draw a mark on it and place a flat side of the L-bracket onto the page and trace it.

3) By using your utility knife, make sure to cut it deeply enough so that the back cover of your book can be tightly closed against the pages whenever the bracket is inserted. Make a notch in the top edge of your book for the L-bracket.

4) Get out your drill and drill the holes in the L-bracket and screw the L-bracket to your book.

5) Drill another two holes just near the outside corners of the book one on each sides. Put the screws and cover the inside back cover in glue. Leave it for at least 8-10 hours until it is dry.

6) Find a wall stud. If drilling isn't ideal in your house you may use anchor screws; as they are appropriate for plaster and drywalls.

7) In order to keep the shelf level, screw the bracket with a single screw and place a level across the book. Adjust it if necessary and secure it with second screw.

8) Stack your books on the shelf

9) Finished! Congratulations, you have an awesome invisible bookshelf!

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