She Saw An Old School Bus On Craigslist And Got An Idea. What You Are Going To See Will Blow You Away!

This unique small house plan started off as a school bus and was transformed into a unique small house plan you are sure to love. The project started back in February 2016 in Vermont, and when looking around on Craigslist, a green, gutted school bus that had a wood stove was stumbled upon. The school bus wasn't purchased but was thought that couldn't be shaken, and with that thought, another bus was found the next state over and was purchased for $2500. The price included delivery, from a man named Joseph who had two wives and nine children and took the New Hampshire's Live Free or Die slogan very seriously. The owner, Gretchen then mass texted all of her Burlington friends to ask if anyone knew where she could park a school bus while she built it into a tiny house design. Her friend Ingrid mentioned her grandma, and so the bus had a new home for the time being.

To start this tiny house design project, the seats were ripped out. Gretchen paid someone $10 an hour to grind out all the school bus seats because that was easier than her using her newly purchased drill to do the job. You can recycle the seats by giving them away for free on craigslist if you like. Step two of this unique small house project was collecting thing for the renovation. Gretch immediately started dreaming up a tiny house design floor plan and started collecting important and beautiful things, such as a tiny four-foot clawfoot bathtub. Originally the bathtub was selling for $200 on craigslist, the tub made of cast iron and the perfect size. In the end, Gretchen got it for $50, so it goes to show the importance of bargaining.

Step three of this unique small house plan project was to try driving the school bus. Gretchen didn't try to do this right away, waiting at least two months, and she was nervous at the whole idea of it. You don't need a special CDL license to drive a school bus, as long as you are not transporting other people's children. The school bus is diesel and automatic, but the bus has air brakes. Gretchen had never driven with air brakes. By this point in the planning process, she had decided that she wanted a lofted upstairs bedroom, and the only way was to accomplish that was to raise the roof on the school bus. If the roof was going to be lifted, the roof ought to be done before the inside carpentry. The roof was cut with a plasma torch, which was then lifted, and put in minimal framing bars. Fast forward to when it came time to do the inside carpentry. Ingrid's grandmother knew a guy named Leo Roberts, and Roberts is the guy that did all the inside carpentry. They worked together daily, and Roberts taught Gretchen how to tile and grout, to seal things, and gave her little projects that she could handle such as painting. Gretchen was the visionary and Roberts made it happen. Every little thing in the unique small house plan was dreamed up by Gretchen, and Roberts did. You will want to take a look at this unique small house plan; it is full of unique details and ideas that you might consider using for a small house living project you are working on.

You will find this unique small house plan on The Building Process site. On the site, you will find the building process of converting a bus into a unique small house plan and tiny house design. This site is sure to inspire you just how great small house living can be. **

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