Take A Look AT This Exquisite Swan Ridge Log Home

The log home industry has come a long way over the years, but one thing that hasn't changed is the incredible craftsmanship that goes into building them. Log house construction is a time honoured technique that's been passed down from centuries of building expertise. The technique is believed to have started in northern European countries like Sweden and Scandinavia where there are plenty of trees and a need for homes that can brave the colder temperatures. In the US and Canada, log houses were first built by Swedish people who taught other European settlers how to build these incredible homes and the English were of the last people to learn how to build these homes. Before too long most people were building and living in log cabins or log houses and building their barns out of logs as well. Most people would begin by living in a small log shelter and then build a larger log house while living in the small log cabin. You could also do something like this if you eventually want a large house but need to save the money to build one. Honest Abe Log Homes is one of the modern-day log house construction companies that builds traditional and modern style log houses.

The company has an abundance of log house designs for customers to choose from including smaller log cabins and homes to the larger designs like this one called the Swan Ridge log structure. This is actually one of their commercial designs, but it could be used as a log home building for those who want a very luxurious chalet style home. The entrance way into the home is incredible, and it really makes a statement with the large posts and beams and the very high overhang. Inside the log structure, there are high ceilings and a large kitchen with a huge dining room for many tables and guests. This looks like it could be a residence for assisted living or a chalet that would accommodate a lot of guests. There are multiple seating areas throughout the design as well as plenty of deck space as well. This design could also be used to create a very large log house too if someone liked it a lot and saw their dream house in it. The company also has smaller log house designs and even recreational cabin designs so you can look through them by entering how many square feet you'd like to have in your floor plan.

Honest Abe Log Homes kiln dries all of their logs for quality assurance. Kiln dried logs are dried out before milling which helps to create a uniform, stable wall system. This also means that the home will go through less settling and it will have tighter joints. Completely drying out the wood also results in fewer checks which are cracks in the logs. They are also able to take out the defective logs so that only the highest quality logs are used in their projects. The heat from the kiln will also kill off any bugs, mould and mildew to prevent wood decay. It also creates lighter logs because about 10,000 pounds of water is removed from all of the logs that create a home meaning each log will be easier to lift during the assembly process. Honest Abe has been milling their own logs and creating log home building packages for over 35 years in their own manufacturing facility in Moss, Tennesee. You can even visit their factory if you're in the area to have a look at their process and admire their hard work.***

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