The Secret To The Perfect Grilled Cheese Nobody Is Talking About

Grilled cheese: who else are having a hard time in making this perfectly? “I do. I feel like I’m looking at a charcoal after.” “I don't even want to look at mine. Is there anything worse than my grilled cheese?” “Wait. Cheese is grilled?” *silence* *insert Yao Ming meme here* High five, bro! I don’t even know it until now, but hey, let us not feel bad about it. You shouldn't also feel horrible in the failure in making your grilled cheese. There is always a solution to everything, sweet pea. Come closer. *whispers* Emily Fleischaker and Jessica Probus, staff from Buzzfeed, have a secret to share. Do you know what the secret is? Let me give you some clues.

This is a four-letter word. It is a thick and creamy sauce. Got it? “Nah.” Another clue: this can also be included in making sandwich. “Vegetables?” *silence* Four letters! What about this one? It is made of vinegar, oil and egg yolk. *silence* Yes, your silence says it all. Alright, let’s go filmy here. This is the name of the main character in the film ‘An Officer and a Gentlemen’ played by Richard Gere. How about that? “I haven't seen that film. Tell me more.” Sure thing. The item’s famous brand is Hellmann’s. *silence* “Who is Hellman?” I see. Here’s the second to the last clue: it has always been believed that this item will spoil if not refrigerated, but in fact, it is the contrary. Got the clue? “Give me the last one because… I still don't get it.” Right, last one and I guess you will really get what I'm trying to say here: it derives from the French word ‘Moyeu’.

“I think I know what it is!” *winks* Well, if you get the clues, click Buzz Feed website below to confirm. Have fun making your perfect grilled cheese everyone!*winks*

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