This 280 Sqft Tiny House With 2 Lofts Is Ready for Off-grid Living

Check out this great tiny house built in 2016. It's currently for sale for $68,000 US in Bozeman, Montana and it features 2 lofts and a main level bedroom as well as 1 bathroom which is also on the main level of the home. This tiny house design also has LED lighting throughout providing a more efficient lighting source. There's also a 4 Burner propane stove and oven for efficient cooking. An apartment sized fridge is also included which helps to store more food at a time which is important if you're living outside of a town or city. The kitchen also has beautiful granite countertops too which adds so much style and luxury to the home. They went with some open shelving as well as some cabinets for storage and a nice large single basin sink to do all of the dishes in. Past the kitchen is the living room area which features a good amount of seating on some nice hand built furniture with storage included. Above the living room is some more storage in the loft above which was created to be higher to give more head room in the living room below. The storage area is great for storing camping supplies and outdoor gear or anything else that doesn't get used on a daily basis.

The Modern Morso wood stove is a beautiful feature of the home as well, and it helps to keep the home nice and warm on colder days. THere's also an Ashley direct vent propane heater which is a nice source of constant heat in the home, so the wood fire doesn't have to be constantly going. The home also comes with laundry hookups to add laundry machines or an all in one washer and dryer combination unit which are very popular in tiny house design since they take up way less space than stacked laundry units or side by side ones. This tiny house on wheels can also be off-grid with a 1000 watt solar package that includes four 250 watt panels, a solar controller, a battery charger. As well as a 2000 watt inverter with wall mounted readout, shore power automatic transfer switch, and 4 deep cycle batteries. The other off-grid feature is the Separett composting toilet and a 50-gallon freshwater tank with a water pump. There's also an Atwood propane hot water heater for instant hot water that won't run out. The 10 cubic foot fridge can run off propane or electricity too. On the outside of the home, you'll notice the beautiful Cedar siding and the Cedar porch that leads into the home. This tiny house on wheels has spray foam insulation in the ceiling, walls, and the floor giving it about an R-21 insulation value. The off-grid amenities continue with two 40 pound propane tanks to power the stove, heater, water heater, fridge, and more.

The tiny house design is 280 square feet in total which would be great for a single person or for a couple. Since it's a tiny house on wheels, you don't even have to live in the Montana area; you can simply pick up the tiny house and haul it to wherever you live. Then, you can also move it around as needed in the future which is very nice. Instead of building your own tiny house, you can either have someone build it for you or, if you find a tiny house on wheels that is already built that you like, you can just buy it and move in. Most people selling their tiny houses on wheels will also sell all of the other stuff in it which makes it a great deal.***

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