This 540 SqFt House Looks Normal Outside, But Is Anything But On The Inside

You'll be surprised at just how spacious this 540 square foot tiny cabin feels inside. When you see tiny house designs such as this, it's easy to see why so many people are downsizing to smaller spaces. This tiny house design is located on Sauvie Island near Portland, Oregon and was originally built in the 1940s. The tiny cabin design has a history with it, it's not shiny and new but has somewhat of a pastoral quality because of its age. Because this tiny cabin design is a bit older, it has a certain quality to it, with the green roof and the rustic details. Jessica and her family of four moved into the tiny cabin design in 2008 when she purchased the property. The history behind this tiny house design and its most recent remodelling brings about it the best version yet. According to local lore, the tiny house design has served as housing for shipyard workers, a surveyors office, and a goose-check station. The tiny house design even floated down a river at one point, and its no house boat. Today a family of four calls this tiny cabin design home, with Jessica, her husband, and their two children sharing the small space. You will want to take a look at the photo gallery of this lovely tiny cabin design in Oregon.

This 540 square foot tiny cabin design doesn't feel small once you step inside. There is a big open space that contains a kitchen space that is at one end of the tiny house design, which merges into a dining area and living room. The wood accent wall in the kitchen compliments the space perfectly, along with the wood floors. That extra couple of square feet makes a difference in the living area, which has enough comfortable seating for the whole family. And if for some reason the kids aren't getting along, they have five acres of property outside to run around. And the big windows over the sofa is a spot where the kids can enter and exit through them. The floor to ceiling shelving helps to separate the living room from the remainder of the house, along with providing lots of storage for all their books. And the ladder system helps the family access books in high to reach places, along with providing access to the upstairs loft. A slim built in bunk bed arrangement maintains plenty of extra space in the kids room all white room. The bathroom also all white, is simple, clean, and with a touch of shabby chic.

And along with having five acres of land for the kids to run around and play, the property also has a 1200 square foot greenhouse that they use to grow vegetables. So the main house might be small, but overall they have a whole lot of space to enjoy. This family is living a self-sufficient life in which they are raising chickens for meat and eggs, along with doing a little beekeeping on the side, and even making cheese from the neighbors goats. Not to mention the eir 1,200 square foot greenhouse where they get to grow plenty of vegetables to enjoy all year long. You can't help but be inspired after taking a look at this charming and rustic tiny cabin design; you might consider a tiny house design of your own.

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