Youll Be Running to the Store for a Pool Noodle When You See What She Makes for Christmas!

Pool noodles are usually something you'd buy in the summertime to take to the pool. But now people are also buying them during the holidays, and you have to see why. It turns out that pool noodles actually make great Christmas decorations. Not on their own, of course, but as a base for a beautiful large wreath that you can hang anywhere on or inside your home. The great thing is, pool noodles are usually pretty easy to find, and they are very affordable. You can usually find them at a dollar store or a toy store, and they are just a few dollars each. So go get a couple of pool noodles and make yourself a handmade diy wreath for your home. Choose the colour of pool noodle that best goes with your colour scheme for Christmas. Some people like to do the traditional red, green and white, so a green or red noodle would work. Or, in this case, in the video from Hometalk, they are using a blue pool noodle with metallic coloured adornments. You could also do a purple Christmas colour theme which looks very elegant or keep it neutral and go with whites and golds.

For this diy idea, you'll also need some Christmas ornaments, mainly Christmas balls. You can use any shape you'd like, though, have some fun and get creative because that's what diy ideas are all about, putting your own spin on things. You can find Christmas ornaments at the dollar store for low prices, or you can even look for some cool vintage ornaments from thrift stores or antique stores. Or, you can go to your local department store and get some brand new fancy ones. You'll need quite a few so gather as many as you can to make this large Christmas wreath look really great. Once you have all of your supplies, you need to create a circle with your pool noodle. Just curve the noodle into a circle by joining the ends together, then tape them together with duct tape. Make sure it's really secure and that it won't come apart. Then, plug in your trusty glue gun and load it up with a glue stick, and start glueing your Christmas ornaments on all around the wreath. Start by glueing them all around the outside edge of the wreath and then the inside of the wreath. Once you're finished glueing them on the inside and outside you can glue them in the middle. Leave the back flat though so it hangs nicely.

Then, you can take some dried greenery such as some eucalyptus, moss, and flowers and fill the spaces in between the Christmas ornaments by glueing the plants in place. This really gives the wreath a natural and elegant touch, plus, it will smell so good with plants like eucalyptus in there. You could also collect some evergreen branches from outside or some cedar springs or holly. Or, use some silk fake flowers if you want some bright colours. Make it look how you like and put your own diy flare into it. You can also add in some fairy lights which really give it a nice, holiday feel. Once you're done, create a hook on the back using some wire and hang it on a wall or on your front door. This is a great way to decorate on a dime and add some serious holiday spirit to your home. Check out some of the other fun diy projects Hometalk has in store. They have hundreds of diy ideas to choose from, and you can even share your own fun diy projects with others.***

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